Swellness Sundays

November 28, 2011 at 12:33 AM Leave a comment

(Anything I find swell. Posted on Sundays. Real scientific, I know…)

Gotta get the doughnuts…

Those doughnuts above? Perhaps the best I’ve ever had.

Get these Bakelab doughnuts yourself over at the chic little boutique Lost & Found (1255 Dundas St. W.).

(To be honest, I’m thankful it’s somewhat out of the way for me  or else I’d be there every weekend.)

Carol (the baker behind Bakelab) bakes up cookies ($2 each) for the shop (such as chocolate ginger sandwich with white chocolate vanilla ginger ganache filling and cocoa nib daquois with homemade nutella (psst, these ones gluten and dairy free) during the week, and on weekends, it’s doughnut time.

Using as many local and organic ingredients as possible, and homemade extracts if possible,  and organic canola and coconut oil, Carol bakes up small batches of insanely yummy doughnuts ($3 each)  in flavours that have included:

  • Lemon meringue (lemon curd-filled yeast doughnut topped with Italian meringue)
  • Chocolate peanut butter (peanut butter-filled yeast doughnut with chocolate glaze)
  • Espresso cream-filled yeast doughnut with chocolate glaze
  • Creme bruleed espresso cream-filled raised doughnut: (brulee the sugared top of the doughnut until it’s crispy and caramelized) 
  • Chai cake doughnut with vanilla chai icing
  • Red velvet cake doughnuts topped with cream cheese icing and white chocolate

Go get ’em. Totally worth the sugar high.

(And just so you know, I’m writing this post at the tail end of a juice cleanse, which means I really just want to dive into my computer screen to devour the doughnuts in the picture. Particularly selfless of me to post this is my hazy, hungry state, if I may say so myself.)


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