Here I go: I’m going to run a marathon (gulp)

January 3, 2012 at 2:47 PM Leave a comment

“Why on EARTH would you do that to yourself?”

I’d just cheered on my sister in her first marathon some years back and this was what I was thinking. I had no concept of what 42.2k meant (other than freakin’ long), I just knew she’d been running for more than four hours. FOUR HOURS. Hence my “Why oh why????” I mean, sure she looked happy, but lots of things make me happy–like sleeping an extra four hours.

And here I am in 2012 planning to run my first marathon.

See, since then, I’ve somehow become a runner (check out what I get from running here on my post at The Kit). And I’ve got nine half-marathons and one 30k race under my belt (that’s my pile of medals above) and I need a new challenge. And short of running a half even faster (which would call for killer speed training), I’d rather double the distance — so I think that means I’m only somewhat a glutton for punishment? Or maybe I’m just crazy, like that blogger chick on the current season of The Bachelor.

Wish me luck. Training will be hard.

And long.

And sweaty.

Oh. Boy.


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Happy new year! Ah, yes, New Year’s Resolutions…

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