Where in the world are Karen’s nails?

May 23, 2012 at 1:28 AM Leave a comment

Introducing a new series of posts where I highlight a few of the places my travels take me. Instead of that gnome, it’s my nails popping up in all sorts of fun places :)

In this edition, me and my nails learn that vacations where your itinerary is to rest (and then rest some more) can be wonderful.

What type of vacation would you choose if you could only go on one this year?

A beach vacation where you could get some downtime? If so, then you agree with many Canadians. Expedia.ca’s annual  Flip Flop survey reveals that 45 percent of Canadians prefer beach vacays (much higher than the global average of 33 percent).

Me? I tend towards go-go-go-go-go vacations. I had 45 minutes in Chicago before having to go catch my flight, and I zipped on down to the Willis (aka Sears) Tower for a quick looky-look. 7AM or so whenever I’m in NYC? You’ll find me rifling through the racks at Century 21.

But a few weeks ago, what I truly needed was a vacay to do absolutely nada. So unlike me. But feeling utterly burnt out, I just needed sun and sand and lo and behold (thank you press trip gods for hearing my pleas!), work brought me to Fort Myers, Florida, just a short cab ride to Fort Myers Beach, where I decided to spend the weekend without even knowing much about the destination other than it had a beach.

Luckily, I was blessed with lovely powdery sand, and warm, shallow water. The most activity I did? One long walk on the beach, where I encountered some pretty shells and a blue crab (OK, so it was permanently sleeping…), along with venturing across the street to grab some food (nothing gourmet — we’re talking cheap diner-y breakfasts at The Munch Box and seafood dinner at The Fish House). My temporary pad at the Carousel Inn, which was roomy and equipped with a kitchen (always a plus, although I only used the fridge), was quiet, clean and affordable — I’d stay there again.

I didn’t head to Times Square (the Beach’s collection of touristy shops way down the road); I didn’t go hunting for shells; I didn’t visit any museums; I didn’t even run (and this was during marathon training!); I did absolutely nada.

And it was just perfect.




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