Mid-marathon training report

August 14, 2012 at 2:36 PM Leave a comment

I’m about halfway into my four months of training for my second marathon and here’s how it going:

Training in the summer sucks. Big time. I wish I could be a little more chipper about it, but I can’t. Yes, training in the heat now will only help me during the race (by then temps will have dropped), but every long run, when I’m miserable and dripping sweat and suffering in the hot, hot, hot sun, all I can think of is how maybe I just shouldn’t train for a fall marathon. I have to run 29k this Sunday and I’ve already started to dread it. That’s a whole week of dreading it.

Forgoing a fall marathon would mean it’d be easier to travel (I have a few trips planned and doing long runs when away is difficult, so I’m finding it hard to fit in trips). This weekend, I decided I’m only cut out to train for spring marathons…and then I remembered that both the New York and Chicago marathons are fall ones and I’d like to do both someday.


Double frick.

Anyhow, since I’ve already done half the training, I’ll keep on going. Two more months. I can do it. Right? Right…

In the meantime, my pal Sarah (she’s a holistic nutritionist) is in this video talking about how to survive training and racing in the heat. She pipes up at the 2:40 mark. Have a look-see.


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