Beauty Swellness: How to apply Revlon’s Moon Candy

January 10, 2013 at 5:59 PM Leave a comment

Revlon Moon Candy in Orbit

Nail-job craving: With no gel nail polish on, I’ve simply been going through my bucket of nail polish and trying all the ones I haven’t had a chance to yet. This time around, I didn’t feel like anything pastel (which was the first bottle I spotted), and then came upon sparkly number I’ve been curious about…

How I satisfied that craving: With Revlon Nail Art Moon Candy in Orbit (one end is a deep purple, which when on looked almost navy) and the other end is an iridescent lavender in the bottle with large opalescent flakes.

How this nail colour make me feel: Conflicted. I was quite thrilled with how my nails looked with just one coat of the dark purple shade (the polish went on beautifully, giving lots of coverage with just one coat). But then I added the flakey opalescent polish on top and it made my polish job look messy. The flakes were not lying flat, making my nails look goopy.

Love it or hate it: I love the idea of what Moon Candy is supposed to look like so I gave Revlon Nail Expert Leeanne Colley a shout to find out what I could’ve done better (in other words, how she would’ve done it).

Leeanne Colley’s tips on how to apply Revlon Moon Candy:

  • “There’s lot of pigment in the solid colour, so be sure to give the one coat of the solid colour — that’s probably all you’ll need to apply — lots of time to dry or else the glitter from the second colour will sink into the first polish if it’s not completely dry and you’ll get more of that topsy turvy look.”
  • With the bottle closed, tip and shake the glitter side of the bottle upside down so that the product all rises to the top of the bottle. “Then, take the brush and swipe alongside the bottle opening so almost all of the product is removed,” says Leeanne. Using the brush, go back into the bottle and pick up with the bristles the pieces of glitter (they’ll be concentrated at the top of the enamel given the shaking you did beforehand). “Lightly pat down the pieces of glitter where you want them, and then your nails should dry pretty quickly since you’re applying very little enamel in this step,” she says.
  • If you want a more textured feel, skip a top coat, but if you want a smoother finish, apply a layer of topcoat to finish your manicure.



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