Beauty Swellness: T3 Source Filter Showerhead

January 24, 2013 at 8:38 AM Leave a comment

T3 Source showerhead

In Las Vegas (where I ran the half-marathon with some fancy light-show nails in December and discovered healthy activities in Sin City, whodathunkit?), I had the chance to stay in a Stay Well suite at the MGM Grand, where amongst the healthy amenities in the Deepak Chopra-endorsed room, there is a nifty vitamin-C infused showered (see what it looks like over on my Instagram here).

The vitamin-C infused shower is said to benefit skin and hair. I was only there a couple of days, so maybe four showers wasn’t enough to reap the rewards, but I didn’t see my skin didn’t feel softer or feel glowier and my hair was the same old. But the contraption was fascinating nonetheless.

Enter, shower filter fixation. When I got home from Vegas, I had a handy friend install the T3 Source Showerhead (i’ts simple, you don’t even need tools — I was just reluctant to do it myself as I envisioned me breaking off the entire pipe-y thingamajig and water spewing everywhere like an old I Love Lucy mishap). Anyhow, once I made the switcheroo?

Like whoa.

I immediately noticed a difference in my hair. Without any product or blowdrying, my hair had more oomph to it, instead of being its usual fluffy, limp self. I stood in front of the mirror perplexed as to how my hair looked so decent, and then I remembered: the T3 Source.

How’s it work? The showerhead includes a special filter (of tourmaline, zinc, copper and calcium) that transforms the chlorine particles in water into particles too large to be absorbed by your hair or skin.

It promises to also boost shine, vibrancy, reduce frizz while also boosting comb-ability. I haven’t noticed any of those benefits (yet). But more body, oh yes.

So, sure, it may not be Deepak-endorsed like the Stay Well suite, but Health & Swellness approved? Yeppers.

T3 Source Showerhead, $150. Available at Murale.


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